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St. Ann Bridgewater, Discovery Bay ( 283 ) - view now

Nestled in the cool hills of Discovery Bay this one of a kind property offers the living you have always dreamed. Yet in walking distance to the famous white sand Puerto seco beach. 3 bedrooms,3 bathroom house....1 1/4 acres

Price: USD 675,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Queens Highway, Bengal Discovery Bay ( 451 ) - view now

Two storey residential dwelling house consisting of 4 bedrooms upstairs, three (3) bathrooms. One (1) bedroom downstairs, bathroom, kitchen, self-contained, separate living/dining room, kitchen, breakfast room,...

Price: USD 450,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Shaw Park Gardens ( 475 ) - view now

1 acre lot with a magnificent ocean view. Located in a very developed area and in walking distance to Ocho Rios town center. ...

Price: USD 170,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Tripoli Runaway Bay ( 491 ) - view now

This property has a panoramic view of the ocean and its environs. Upstairs consists of Master bedroom with bathroom and jacuzzi, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, t.v room, family room and balcony. ...

Price: USD 800,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Brown's Town ( 1060 ) - view now

Vacant 2 acres of land. Located in a developed community. ...2 acres of land

Price: JMD 6,000,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Lillyfield near Brown's Town, St. Ann (ID:1080) ( 1080 ) - view now

18 acres of land. Ideal for farming or residential sub-division...18 acres of land.

Price: JMD 15,000,000.00 Unsold/Available

Clarendon Denbigh, Augusta Street ( ) - view now

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, living room, dining room and verandah. Building size approx. 1,276.5 sq. ft. Land size. approx. 15,058.70 Ceramic tile, glass timber louvers, cellotex ceiling....Approx. 15,058.70 sq. ft

Price: GBP 91,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay ( 1103 ) - view now

Exclusive community located near to beaches. Dwelling house features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, combined living/dining room, kitchen, helper's quarters and patio. Sits of approx 1/2 acre of land....20,283 sq. ft of land

Price: USD 215,000.00 Unsold/Available

Trelawny Stewart Castle ( 1123 ) - view now

Located in the rural community of Stewart Castle this property sits on approx. 21,830 sq.ft of fruited land. ...approx. 21,830 sq.ft

Price: JMD 16,000,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Mary Spring valley Drive, Spring Valley ( 1202 ) - view now

Exclusive neighborhood. Great design 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, master bathroom with Jacuzzi, TV room, living room, dining room, family room, powder room, helpers quarters with bathroom, balconies from all bedroo...1/2 acre land

Price: USD 330,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Rose Hill, Runaway Bay ( 1315 ) - view now

Vacant Lot approx. 11,546 sq. ft....Approx. 11,546 sq. ft

Price: USD 58,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Catherine Guys Hill ( 1348 ) - view now

Ground Floor: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, breakfast room and dining room First floor: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, dining room, living room, breakfast room, front balcony and rear balcony....Approx. 32,600 sq. ft

Price: JMD 11,000,000.00 Unsold/Available
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