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Trelawny Duansvale ( 1375 ) - view now

3 bedrooms with walk-in closets, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, patio. Amenities include solar water heater, ceiling fans, raised ceiling, french windows, meshed....

Price: JMD 12,000,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. James Brandon Hill ( 1366 ) - view now

Approx. 22,324 sq. ft...Approx. 22,324.50 sq. ft

Price: JMD 4,500,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Bridgewater, Discovery Bay ( 1320 ) - view now

Vacant lot approx. 2 3/4 acre land. Panoramic ocean view....2 3/4 acres

Price: USD 290,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Bengal, Discovery Bay ( 1419 ) - view now

Oceanfront property 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedroom helpers quarters, office, pool, gazebo, meshed....1 plus acre land

Price: USD 490,000.00 Unsold/Available

Trelawny Scarlett Hall ( 1391 ) - view now

Sits on approximately 14 acres of fruited land with a panoramic view of the Trelawny North Coast. Approx. 4 miles west of Falmouth, one mile from the North Coast Highway and sea. This house is uniquely designed...

Price: USD 450,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Plantation Village Llandovery ( 1412 ) - view now

Beautifully Architecturally designed home. Newly built property located in a gated community. This property has 4 spacious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms....

Price: USD 650,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Bridgewater Gardens, Discovery Bay ( 1421 ) - view now

Ideal for income purpose. 4-1 bedroom self-contained flats with patio and own laundry room. Land size approx. 7,667 sq. ft. In walking distances to beaches and shopping facilities....Approx. 7,667 sq. ft

Price: USD 210,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Main Street, Discovery Bay ( 1440 ) - view now

2 acres on the North Coast Highway. Ideal for any type commercial activities or apartments....2 acres

Price: USD 467,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Ann Alexander, near Brown's Town ( 1465 ) - view now

Lovely family home located in the Cool hills of Alexandria. Approx. 7 1/2 miles from the famous/busy town of Brown's Town and approx. 3-5 mins walk from the Town of Alexandria....1/4 acre land.

Price: JMD 28,000,000.00 Unsold/Available

St. Mary Industry Pen, Three Hills ( 1467 ) - view now

Vacant lot approx.3,875 sq. ft...3,875 sq. ft

Price: JMD 3,200,000.00 Unsold/Available

Trelawny Duncans, Duncans Bay ( 1469 ) - view now

This property offers lots of possibilities from a family home to a vacation rental.It sits on approx. 19,493 sq. ft land with (4) four entrances and is well maintained. Access to private beach. There are three ...Approx. 19,493 sq. ft

Price: JMD 55,000,000.00 Unsold/Available

Manchester Christiana, Mandeville ( 1479 ) - view now

Situated in the quiet residential sub-division of Christiana. This property is suitable for large family or income purposes....Approx. 1/3 acre

Price: USD 170,000.00 Unsold/Available
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